Yin Yoga Reiki Winter Detox Workshop

Yin Yoga Reiki Winter detox

Yin Yoga Reiki Winter Detox Workshop

Winter is the time to slow down, turn inwards and dedicate more time to yourself doing the things you love and that make you happy. It is the time to restore your energy, nurture and take care of yourself. Come and join us for this healing and relaxing 3 hours Yin Yoga Reiki Winter Detox Workshop.

The Workshop includes:
1 hour inspirational talk about Winter based on Traditional Chinese Medicine: Internal organs active in the Winter season, nutrition and lifestyle guidance.
2 hours Gentle Yin Yoga practice for Winter by Leticia and Alex (includes Reiki Healing and Chakra cleansing for all participants).
During the Workshop we will serve some delicious herbal tea for Winter season.

Price for the Workshop: Early bird £25 (book your place in advance until 9th of November), Then £35. £30 for FitnessFirst members

Into The Wild Festival

We will offer our therapies during the Into The Wild festival this August Bank Holiday weekend (Aug 22 – Aug 26).

Please visit our tent in the therapists area.

Special offer during August – 7 sessions for the price of 4. Mix and match between Chi Nei Tsang, Grounding Yin, Reiki or Shiatsu treatments.

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GroudingYin®- Yoga Treatment: The silent beauty of Winter

Join this event to get the first taste of a new nurturing and healing practice.
GroundingYin®- Yoga Treatment is a restorative combination of Yin Yoga asanas with a manipulation of the energy channels in the body. During the practice, the energy channels – called Meridians – and the acupuncture points are manipulated with a gentle massage and pressure made by the fingers and thumbs.

GroundingYin®-Yoga Treatment aims to activate, boost and balance the flow of energy all-around the body. The calming effect of the nervous system is obtained by the combination of the asanas and energy work.46501907_569850300136003_5217478489669632000_n

Mind Body Soul Experience stand number 177


Manual Energy will have a stand number 177 on the annual Mind Body Soul Experience this October.

We would offer 30 minutes Chi Nei Tsang Massage for a special introduction price. (Appointments only).

In addition a choice of 10 minutes sessions would be available in between the appointments:

  • Tibetan Singing bowl sound bath
  • Chakras diagnostics and cleansing (energy healing)

Special deal will be offered during the event.

Get your tickets here.

See you there soon – stand number 177.